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  • Flexible to provide comfort and safety for all sizes of crew members

  • Folds for stowage when not in use

  • Padded armrest and headrest

  • Extendable footrest


C-130 Loadmaster Crashworthy Seat

Global Defense Solutions is currently the only manufacturer in the world  of the C-130 Loadmaster Crashworthy Seat.  The seat is in use by the USAF and we are pleased to announce the recent award of a contract to supply the seats to our first Foreign Military Sales (FMS) customer.


Global Defense Solutions

  • Fits all C-130H and C-130J Models

  • Kevlar Armor on seat, seat back and headrest for aircrew safety

  • Survives Crash Loads up       to 9g

  • Four Point Safety Harness  for crew members